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Ephesus Terrace Houses Tour - Kusadasi 

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Tour Code : ETHT 09-2020 Duration of Tour : 6,5 - 7 Hour(s)
Start City : Kusadasi Port, Kusadasi Hotels / Izmir Ports, Izmir Hotels, Izmir Airport
End City : Kusadasi Port, Kusadasi Hotels / Izmir Ports, Izmir Hotels, Izmir Airport
Scheduled / Operates on : Jan 1st 2020 - Dec 31st 2020 : Daily
Tour Highlights : (Ephesus Excursions) (Ephesus guide)
Departure from Izmir Airport, Izmir Harbour - Port, Izmir Hotels, Kusadasi Harbour - Port or Kusadasi Hotels
Half Day tour to Ephesus and the Terrace Houses, also called as "the houses of rich". The price includes the entrance fees, professional licensed guide and private air conditioned minibus. (0-6 aged children are FREE).
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Ephesus Terrace Houses Tours / Ephesus Tours, Ephesus Guide, Ephesus Tour Shuttle / Tour Details

Ephesus Terrace Houses Tours / Ephesus Tours, Ephesus Guide, Ephesus Tour Shuttle

Duration: Approximately 7 hours. Daily departures. Private tour is available.
Available: All year around.
Departure: Transportation from and to Kusadasi Port or Izmir Port.
Includes: Guided Tour to Ephesus city and the Terrace Houses

Professional licensed tour guide, all entrance fees, private air-conditioned transportation and VAT
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
No extra hidden charges

Terrace House and Ephesus Tour

Ephesus is considered one of the spectacular outdoor museums in Turkey, and in the world - and one of the highlights of any visit to Turkey. During this privately guided tour, the city will come alive as you walk through 2,000 year-old marble streets to admire the Library of Celsius, Hadrian's Temple, the Fountains of Trajan, Polio, The Temples of Hadrian and Domitian, Terrace Houses, Vedious and Scholastic Baths, Bouloterion, and the Great Theatre with capacity of 24.000 spectators.

Behind the shops near the Library of Celsus there are luxurious private houses, known as the Terrace Houses, are now open to the public. Occupied from the 1st century to 7th century AD, the Slope Houses have been compared to the 1st century villas of Pompeii in importance and they were used by the wealthiest of the city. This is the "must-see" site in Ephesus!

Ephesus - Enter through the Magnesia Gate and walking through the Odeon, the Celsius Library, the Temple of Hadrian, the Fountain of Trajan and the Great Theater.
The Theater had seating for 25,000, was the site where St. Paul preached to the Ephesians, and is used today for a local spring festival.
The Ephesus Terrace Houses are located on the slopes of Bulbul Mountain, opposite the Hadrian Temple and they are called as "the houses of rich", as only rich people could afford such houses.

Did you know that fact about Ephesus?
But did you know about the place outside of Ephesus called garbage heap (trash heap)? According to the historical records unwanted babies - mostly girls -due to the belief to the Artemis goddess (Artemis was the goddess of fertility both giving blessings to woman willing to have a child and also protecting from the child birth, as every third woman was likely to die during the child birth) were left in the isolated area to die. The most healthiest of them were picked up by the slave traders and used to be slaves or prostitutes.